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Zero Risk

No upfront costs. No ongoing costs. Since our low fees apply only when your item sells, there's nothing to lose listing! Your success is our success and we adjust all our methods to ensure this is the case. 

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Safe Payments

Stripe Connect handles our payment chain from buyer to seller. With Stripe, you'll recieve your money safely. It takes just a couple of minutes to setup an account!

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An Easy Earner

Sell on a marketplace brimming with only interested buyers. Tigerparrot is your place to make money back from the so many items so quickly unneeded - an easy earner to enjoy year round!

Fees Explained

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Commission & Listing Fee

9% + £0.35
Price Per Item (excl. VAT)

Tigerparrot's fees are payable only once your item sells. Fees calculated on total item price and delivery costs where applicable. 

Stripe uses an encryption method to protect your sensitive data and communication. With 24/7 support on all account issues and the highest level anti-fraud software, Stripe is at the forefront of the payments industry. 

How the marketplace works

Sell only to families who want what you are selling. Their children need
what your children no longer do. We make it easy to reach them.

Receive your orders
as soon as they come in.

As the seller, you'll arrange your items to be delivered to the 

Happy customer receive their items. You receive your 
money straightaway.

What we give you?

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    Your ideal customer: as a marketplace dedicated to providing only for babies and children, we attract a nation of families. Don't waste time selling on marketplaces that overwhelm, are visited by unrelated customers and who de-prioritise you as sellers. Tigerparrot was built for you, and only you. 

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    Fast. Simple. Smooth: Begin selling in minutes not hours whilst Tigerparrot provides all the layers of privacy and security we ensure you retain. If you want to pause trading, you can disable your shop rather than delete it, meaning you can come and go with no ongoing costs whenever the opportunity to sell something arises. 

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    Marketing Power: Tigerparrot will match your items to suitable customers whilst they're browsing. Whilst we encourage self-promotion through word of mouth and your own social media channels, you have the added benefit that Tigerparrot markets your products on your behalf with our year-round targeted campaigns.

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    Privacy & Security: Sellers' privacy and security is our priority. Sell safe knowing your information is screened from the public. Buyers can only contact you through our in-house messaging system. Furthermore, specialist payment providers, Stripe, uses innovative encryption methods to handle your sensitise data.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope these answers can enlighten you on some of tigerparrot's most frequently asked questions by other interested sellers. 

How do I get paid?

Whilst setting up as a seller, you will create a Stripe Account. This takes no longer than a minute or two. The signup process is incredibly quick and easy with basic questions asked such as address, and what you’re selling and so on. Within the form, you give the details of the bank that you wish your money to be sent to. When a customer buys your item, the money will be sent to your Stripe Account where you can access it with just your email and password.

Stripe will protect your information with their cutting edge encryption systems. This is a safe and easy way to ensure you receive your money instantly after a sale is made and that your details are always secure.

When do I get paid?

After the item has been delivered to the customer. Your money (minus Tigerparrot fees) will arrive in your Stripe Account straightaway.

How will buyers contact me?

If a buyer or a potential buyer has a question about your item, they can send you a message through our in-house messaging system. They can do this on the item page, your shop/booth page, or after an order has been made within the order page itself that can be found in your seller dashboard.

How will I know where to send my item?

Within your seller dashboard there is an Orders section. Choose the correct order and the address details of your buyer will be there.

How many items can I sell?

As many as you like. The benefit of Tigerparrot is you can sell your unneeded children’s products for years to come, always seeing a return on the money spent in the first place!

Can I sell products that aren’t just used?

Absolutely. Tigerparrot is a marketplace for every type of baby/children’s product in the world, where every type of seller comes to display their items. We welcome, new and used items so long as the item is still functional. As a seller, when listing your item you can state the condition it is in.

What can I sell on Tigerparrot?

You can sell any product for babies and children up to the age of 16 years old. Pregnancy and maternity products are also allowed.

What is the arrangement and policies for returns and deliveries?

As the seller you will be responsible for arranging your items to be delivered to your customers and to handle the returns of any of those items. As the seller you will be responsible for setting your own delivery and returns policies, which you can do when setting up a shop/booth. Buyers will see these policies on the item page and on your shop/booth page. Tigerparrot sets a mandatory refund/return policy of 14 days from the point the item is delivered to the buyer if the item arrived not as described. When buyers return items to sellers, they have 14 days to do so from the point of confirmation.

Please reach out to our team if you have any further questions

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