Sylvanian Families - Hedgehog Family


Sylvanian Families - Hedgehog Family


  • Father Mortimer, mother Eleanor, brother Maxwell and sister Abigail Bramble are the Hedgehog Family. They are a family of talented tailors and dressmakers, kept very busy making clothes for everyone in Sylvania. The Hedgehog Family are known in Sylvania as the Bramble Family. This set includes Father Mortimer Bramble, Mother Eleanor Bramble, Brother Maxwell Bramble and Sister Abigail Bramble.


  • 4 piece set: Father, Mother, Brother and Sister
  • Mummy and daddy stand about 6cm high
  • Movable limbs and heads
  • Dressed in removable fabric clothing
  • Good for stimulating imaginative role-play in children


Set contains 4 clothed poseable figures.

Recommended ages 3+

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