Pet Parade Deluxe Play World

  • 1KG - 1.25KG OVER �20
  • Pet Parade
  • This playset includes a variety of interactive features where you can train, play and groom your puppy.
Pet Parade puppies walk and have realistic movements! The puppies can be made to walk and move using a joystick button on their back. Pressing this button makes the puppy walk in the direction their owner chooses and allows kids to move their puppy's head, eyes and tail, giving the illusion of training their puppy!The puppies can also interact with their accessories! The puppies can chase accessories, eat food and interact with other puppies. Attach the puppy's lead to the collar and take your puppy for a walk. Each puppy has their own bone shaped tag so you can customise the tag with the name of your puppy.Train and groom your Pet Club Puppies with this Pet Parade Playset with interactive features! Train your puppy with the carousel that spins around to make your puppy walk and chase the butterflies. Your puppy can learn to walk up and down the ramps or weave in and out of the cones by pressing their joystick button or using their collar and lead. After training your puppy, have some fun on the swing or play fetch with their ball using the ball thrower.Take your puppy into their feeding area, move them towards their feeding bowl and watch them eat from the bowl. Reward your puppy with a grooming session, give them a bath, use the hair dryer, brush and towel and see if they like their new look with the spinning pedestal and mirror.

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