Matchstick Monkey - baby teething toy

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Matchstick Monkey - baby teething toy

New to the market in 2016, Matchstick Monkey was the brainchild of mum of two Katie who wanted a baby friendly teething product that could get pain relieving teething gel to the back of her children's mouth without her getting bitten by her teething children in the process.

Katie raised funds via Kickstarter and the Matchstick Monkey launched in summer 2016.

Here at Giddy Goat Toys, we heard about the product from a lady who came into the shop to ask if we had any of the 'monkey toothbrush teething toys' as they were so brilliant. Suitably intrigued we tracked them down so that the parents and babies of south Manchester could try them.

So what is this 'monkey toothbrush teething toy'? Well it's a monkey themed teething toy which is the perfect size for little hands to hold and which is made from BPA free, FDA and CE certified food grade silicone. Parents and carers can use it to give further relief from teething pain by applying teething gels or granules to the bumps on Matchstick Monkey's head, your baby can get this right into those sore back gums. By chewing on the toy this helps your baby massage the pain relieving gel into the source of their teething pain.

Can also be used as a training toothbrush as babies develop and get older.

Design is such that Matchstick Monkey can sit on a worksurface or table when not in use.


  • Made from BPA free, FDA and CE certified food grade silicone
  • Toothbrush bumps soft & kind to your baby's gums
  • A hygenic approach to applying teething products
  • Gets to the source of the pain helping soothe sore gums
  • Dishwasher safe & freezer friendly
  • Perfect training toothbrush to massage the gums
  • Suitable for children from 3 months old
  • Height: 10cm
  • Different colour choices available

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