Greedy Gorilla - Children's Game by Orchard Toys


Greedy Gorilla - Children's Game by Orchard Toys

The Greedy Gorilla children's board game by Orchard Toys is one of our best selling games - children just love the burping gorilla! By playing the game and making the gorilla burp, children also learn about what types of food are healthy and those that are less healthy. 

Directions for play

There are four game cards in the box, comprised of healthy food choices. Take it in turns to choose a piece and see if it's on your card so you can create a nutritious meal. However, if you pick up an item of junk food (e.g. ice-cream, pizza or burger) you must post this into the gorilla's mouth to make him burp! The winner is the first person to fill all their meal tiles. There are four game cards so 2-4 people can play together.

To help children recognise the difference between healthier and junk foods, cards are colour coded - blue for healthier foods and yellow for junk foods. The game also includes a real burping noise whenever a card is posted into the gorilla's mouth, which children find hilarious! Players must say 'excuse me' after the gorilla has burped, which encourages good manners for later life. Also teaches children all about turn taking as well as what foods are good for you.


4 playing boards
24 healthy food cards
8 junk food cards
1 gorilla posting box (requires 3xAAA 1.5V batteries, included)
1 instruction leaflet

Recommend ages: 4-8

Players: 2-4

Made in the UK by Orchard Toys who work with the national curriculum to produce games and puzzles that are both fun and educational.

A best seller in our Manchester toy shop.

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