Energy Efficient Spa Cover For 4 Person Bubble Spa

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NTEX gives you all the accessories you need to get the maximum performance of the PureSpa Inflatable Spas, such as the new insulating cover, compatible with all PureSpa 4 Person Bubble Spas. One of the main features of our inflatable spas is that they offer you a tremendous bath of bubbles or water jets. Water temperature is what helps relax muscles and joints and, thanks to this new supplement, it will cost you much less having your inflatable spa water at the ideal temperature.

The dimensions of the cover are 198 cm in diameter and 72 cm high, so that the entire surface of the spa is protected from scratches and scrapes and also prevents dirt from entering into the water. Heat resistant, the cover offers extra insulation of high-density foam that minimizes heat loss. So when you want to heat up the inflatable spa water will take much less and reduce energy cost by approximately 50%.

Cream insulating cover for 4 person bubble massage inflatable spas The size of the cover is 1.98 m in diameter and 72 cm high, covers the entire surface of the spa INTEXMaterial strong and durable, high density heat resistant foam minimises heat loss and saves up to 50% energy

Perimeter belt with safety buckle closure to prevent use of spa without attendance Helps keep water clean and protects the inflatable structure from rubbing, scratches and adverse weather conditions

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