Ski Season. Let's Do It In Style!

Ski Season. Let's Do It In Style!

Forget boring jackets, pants and ski suits that EVERYONE will be wearing on the slopes, why not try something a little different?

What to look for:

Waterproof fabric throughout the suit with aqua guard zips to stop the water getting in. There is nothing worse than when snow melts in your ski suit!

Safety first!

Look for cosy with extra padding so your kids will be thoroughly protected from those slips and slides on the slopes (which always seem inevitable)!

Introducing Dinoski

A really exciting ski suit brand recently launched here in the UK called Dinoski, has created all of the above and more! They have taken the humdrum out of normal ski wear and turned a ski suit for the kids into a rabbit on skis, or if a rabbit is too tame, perhaps a cub of some wild animal is more suitable?

Customers have been raving about these suits since they launched for the quality and abundance of features available. Nothing has been forgotten during the design or manufacturing phases. Check out below some of the benefits:

  • Waterproof fabric throughout
  • Insulation from head to toe
  • Extra padding to protect against mini tumbles
  • Bright colours so you can always be seen
  • Extra long front zip to help the suiting process and toilet breaks
  • Machine washable and tumble dry safe

But just who are the new kids on the block named Dinoski?

In the words of their great inventors…

“We make ‘roarsome’ adventure-wear for kids aged 2-7 years old. Animal-themed, winter playsuits, designed for cold weather and suitable for skiing. Made for mini adventures pursued by mini adventurers!”

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