About Us

Tigerparrot is an online marketplace dedicated exclusively to selling maternity, baby and children’s products. Absolutely anything that can be purchased for children is allowed to be sold on Tigerparrot is a collection of all the best kid’s stores brought together onto one website. Our sellers vary from professional crafts people making fantastic unique items and high street boutiques to larger retailers as well. Soon, parents will be able to sell their unneeded baby and children’s items too!

Tigerparrot itself does not own, store, fulfil or deliver any of the items for sale on the website. All of this is carried out by our sellers. When our sellers sign up they are given a shop of their own, which they operate within the website. Essentially tigerparrot is a shopping mall and our sellers are the many shops within it. Our major difference to other marketplaces is that we focus only on baby and children's products making for a unique shopping experience as we attract specialist sellers not found on the other all-encompassing marketplaces making them and their wonderful products more accessible and visible to our busy parents who haven't the time to search through the Internet to find them. 

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